Climate change is the greatest challenge to overcome on our path to a sustainable world. To deal with this challenge, International Agreement was adopted by 195 countries in the U.N Climate Conference of Paris in December 2015, which will become effective from 2020. However, no governments or institutions can implement the change only with technologies and legislation. The real power for the change is with people. Personal choice, empathy and community are the most powerful means for creating the change: 

PERSONAL CHOICE: Each one of us is much more powerful than we think we are and every single choice we make in our daily life, especially our lifestyle choices and purchases are the powerful means of making a difference;

EMPATHY: The foundation for sustainability is not technology, but empathy, our native ability to feel, share and care. This will naturally guide us to choose and act in such ways that benefit all and make our world more sustainable; 

COMMUNITY: The impact of our personal action in isolation is very limited. By sharing it in community, we can make it much more powerful. When we restore our community with its capacity to care, the whole world will become safer, healthier and more sustainable.

How to make the world sustainable? Our answer is simple: Reclaim Humanity, Restore Community.


Sustainability can be much simpler to achieve than we imagine it would be. The key to change is reviving the spirit of care within each of us and in our community. The spirit of care will make the change for sustainability simple, enjoyable and very healing and fulfilling. Take the steps below to get involved and start to make a difference.

STEP 1: Become an Earth Citizen and practice LIVE ECO. By becoming an Earth Citizen, you will be connected with thousands of like-minded people, and have access to resources and tools to make changes in your personal life and in your community. 

STEP 2: Create an Earth Citizen Club to share and influence. Creating a club is the most powerful way to share the message of ICARE 2020 and make an impact. ECO has a support system for you to create a club and manage it. 

STEP 3: Work together to create a caring community. The spirit of care is what makes a community a true community. Work with ECO and all Earth Citizens to inspire and organize actions to revive the spirit of care in your community. 

We live in a very critical time in the history of our planet, and this makes each one of us very special and important. Acknowledging this and accepting our role is both a daunting challenge and an enormous opportunity at the same time. Undertaking this challenge will wake up the greatest qualities of humanity, and overcoming the challenge will bring out those qualities to their full capacity. Show that you care! Do something!! Be the change!!!