Our Mission


Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a nonprofit organization that works to promote mindful living, natural health, and world sustainability. We empower individuals with the tools and resources helpful for practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle while also developing their strengths to lead and serve their communities.

Earth Citizen

earth cit·i·zen
/ərTH/ /ˈsidizən,ˈsidisən/

An Earth Citizen is a mindful individual who connects with their true self and recognizes their value as a contributor to the Earth. Earth Citizens create goals and visions designed to benefit not only themselves, but humanity as a whole and then takes action to turn their visions into reality.
Become and Earth Citizen

ECO’s mission is to cultivate 100 million Earth Citizens - a globalized group transcending any ethnic or religious boundaries, united by the common understanding that each of us are caretakers of the Earth.


Why 100 Million?

100 million Earth citizens would comprise 1% of Earth’s population who are introspective, harmonized, and lead holistically sustainable lives, forming a community that is a positive, indispensable asset to the Earth and society. These citizens could change planet and society’s trajectory and significance through the principle of critical mass where the group’s influence could spread and magnify.


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