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Earth Citizens Walk
Around the World

In celebration of Earth Day, our goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and Earth awareness by walking an accumulated total of 24,901 miles (distance around Earth's equator) with YOU!


Empowering students with
the confidence to grow

In our efforts to expand the ECO Feeds project, ECO Farm has partnered with Bridgeway Middle School and High School students to become active participants of our Student Community Garden. Currently, eleven students (ages 11-15) are learning on ECO Farm twice a week and receiving practical experience and mindful exercise training.

By participating on ECO Farm and learning the farming basics of soil, water and seed, the students can support this movement and become part of the food growing and production process - from seed to distribution. Through this environment of hands-on learning and responsibility, students will gain the confidence as an integral contributor to their community and will grow as a true leader. To sustain operating student education program on ECO Farm, we humbly ask your help in reaching our fundraising goal of $50,000.


ECO Farm Feeds and Supports 300 Families

Earth Stories from All Walks of Life

As we empower students with tools to grow and become leaders, ECO will share stories, images, and videos to allow the world to see the contribution you made to the world.


Farming Basics

ECO’s Community Student Garden project gives local students the opportunity to support their community by growing foods to share with those in need. Students will learn the farming basics of soil, water, and seeds, taking leadership roles in food growing and the production process from seed to distribution. 

Brain Education

Student learn and experience mindfulness practices designed to empower their mind and strengthen their body, known as Brain Education. By becoming confident in their body and brain, students gain the power and strength to choose their goals and act to make a more positive reality for themselves and their community.


Community Service

The byproduct of the hands-on farm learning is a beautiful garden of nutrient rich foods. The students have chosen to donate this produce to the local food banks that are supported by the ECO Feeds project, which feeds 300 families. By giving back, the students feel that they make a difference in the world by taking responsible to support and feed others in their community.

Vision Tree

Each week, student reflect on their work and project the positive changes they want to make the following week. By making weekly goals they can practice building confidence in themselves by completing personal visions, which are practical and measurable goals, that will make a positive impact for themselves and others. Each weekly vision achieved is a leaf added to our vision tree.


Interested in Student Farm Learning?

Contact us by calling 928-641-6817 or email

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