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Join the Earth Citizen Movement

The Earth Citizen Movement was created as a platform for individuals to put those choices to action and support each other as an Earth Citizen community. As ECO's founder, Ilchi Lee, simply put, "No Action, No Creation!"

On the road to 100 million

Join the movement and join the community of

Earth Citizens

who have chosen live an eco-friendly lifestyle

while also developing their strengths to lead

and serve their communities.

Start by taking the Earth Citizen Pledge

As the Earth Citizen Movement grows, ECO will continue adding new projects to demonstrate models of sustainability, teach natural health practices, and organize community service. You can support ECO activities by donating to a specific ECO projects that resonate with your passions.


Take the Pledge

Join the Earth Citizen Movement and pledge to protect humanity and the Earth.

Join an ECO Club

Work together to create and engage in action plans that will help your personal life, community, and environment become healthier and more sustainable.


Make a Donation

We are fueled by your donations and support. Thank you to all donors who contribute to our mission of making a difference locally and globally.


Find volunteer opportunities near you that support ECO's mission and development.

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