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All hands on deck!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

To feed a large community, we need a healthy amount of farm land and produce to go through, but most importantly, a caring team of individuals dedicated to the mission of serving our society. ECO Farm's core team is surprisingly small, but with the support of our generous donors and the man-hours from our local community, we can create a successful harvest.

On Saturday, we had orientation for our work share members. This dedicated group has enrolled in an amazing opportunity to help themselves, help their community, and received hands-on training and learning of the ins and outs of running a farm. Offering a few hours of time on the farm, the work share members get to work in an serene environment supporting the needs of the farm and the community, and in return, will be able to take a share of the harvest home with them. It's a "win-win"! Members described this arrangement as "An opportunity of a lifetime!" as it provides skills that could create food security and sustainability for themselves and those around them.

This weekend, they learned how to harvest leafy greens, how to wash them and bag them for distribution, and will continue to learn new skills each week. Thank you ECO work-share team! We hope to build a strong community to serve ECO's mission!

Interested in helping ECO farm? Please contact us at

To support our efforts to provide food security and nutritious organic food to those in need, we encourage you to make a donation at

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