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Making tasty nutritious food accessible through Farm-to-Table

In our efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle, ECO held a Farm-to-Table dinner event on May 8, 2021, with the hopes to inspire to individuals eat fresh and local while delighting their taste buds at the same time. Our dedicate intern chef, Elisa Nowicka, converted our farm harvest into a flavorful array of dishes and treats that could "comfortably grace a Michelin Star restaurant's menu", as one of the attendees so eloquently put it.

Through ECO's Farm-to-Table events, we hope to create good eating habits that make our taste buds and our body happy and healthy. Eating food that is "closer to the Earth" will also protect our planet as it cuts down on resources used on processing foods. It also keeps the nutrients of the food alive to be consumed as nature intended it.

ECO would like to thank those who attended our event and those who are supporting the ECO Feeds Project around the nation. Here's to delicious meals and healthier eating choices. Cheers!

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