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Your donations (and eggs) help families see the "sunny side" of our community!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Everyday, ECO's staff and the farm chickens work hard to produce and harvest fresh, organic protein rich eggs. Because our chickens are so happy, we have an abundance of eggs to share with our community each week. The Mountain View United Methodist Church in Jerome runs a food bank each week that serves over 150 families.

ECO appreciates and supports their efforts by bringing dozens of eggs each week and are humbled by how quickly the families and individuals who visit the food bank scoop them up. Take a look at one of our delivery visits where we talk to the food bank staff and see the joy that comes from the act of giving.

With your continued support, we soon will be delivering fresh vegetables to the food bank as well to provide balance nutrition to the community. We will continue to deliver stories and good news and joy from your generous acts of giving. Thank you for continuing to support us at

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