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Our Mission

ECO's mission is to cultivate 100 million Earth Citizens united by the common understanding that each of us are caretakers of the Earth.


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 Natural Health 
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 Community Service 
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What is ECO?

Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to empower individuals to care for themselves, humanity, and the Earth through teaching and becoming models of sustainability, spreading natural health practices, and organizing community service projects. ECO’s mission is to create a community of 100 Million Earth Citizens who recognize their true value and take action to benefit the Earth and humanity.

What is an Earth Citizen?

An Earth Citizen is a mindful individual who connects with their true self and recognizes their value as a contributor to the Earth. Earth Citizens create goals and visions designed to benefit not only themselves, but humanity as a whole and then takes action to turn their visions into reality.


Join the Earth Citizen Movement

To become the change we want to see, each individual must make individual choices that widely benefit humanity and the Earth. The Earth Citizen Movement was created as a platform for individuals to put those choices to action and support each other as an Earth Citizen community. As ECO's founder, Ilchi Lee, simply put, "No Action, No Creation!"

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Join the Earth Citizen Movement and pledge to protect humanity and the Earth.

Take the Earth Citizen Pledge

Walking Club

Work together to create and engage in action plans that will help your personal life, community, and environment become healthier and more sustainable.

Join an ECO Club

Donating Money

We are fueled by your donations and support.

Thank you to all donors who contribute to our mission of making a difference locally and globally.

Make a Donation


Why 100 Million?

100 million Earth citizens would comprise 1% of Earth’s population who are introspective, harmonized, and lead holistically sustainable lives, forming a community that is a positive, indispensable asset to the Earth and society. These citizens could change planet and society’s trajectory and significance through the principle of critical mass where the group’s influence could spread and magnify.

We have the Power to Change

At ECO, we seek to address the challenge of sustainability by helping people create changes in wasteful consumption, unhealthy lifestyles and disconnected personal life. Mindful use and re-use of our resources, getting healthier naturally in body, mind and spirit, and getting to know each other and care... These are very soft changes, but we believe this is how we can build a truly sustainable global community. 


ECO's Values - A World of Solutions

ECO’s goal is to help earth, our community, and each individual to become more sustainable. This “holistic sustainability” goes beyond simply ecological regeneration and extends to the health of each individual’s mind and body, which, in turn, builds a healthier community.



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Natural Health

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Community Service

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The world is only as sustainable as you are


Recover your balance and develop your strengths. Get healthier naturally and extend your healing to your community and the planet. We can achieve sustainability and "give back" on all levels from personal to global.

Pledge to Give Back to Humanity and the Earth
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