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A sweet (yet spicy) addition to ECO Farm

With the arrival of Spring, lots of activity has got ECO Farm buzzing. But on Sunday, nothing was buzzing louder than our two brand new colonies of ECO bees. As the bees arrived, we had their colorful bee boxes waiting for them, but even though they were welcomed with their brand new home, the move left them a bit agitated and needing time to get acclimated with the lay of the land. We were only able to greet them from afar, but when they settle down, we hope to closely see their progress on the farm. We soon will be enjoying sweet honey, which can make almost anything taste more pleasant.

We will soon be announcing a naming contest for each bee colony. Stay tuned, and maybe the one of the colonies will be graced with the name you choose! We hope you feel that ECO Farm is your farm too!

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