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New Mexico Senate Declares February 8th as Earth Citizens Day to Promote Global Citizenship

The United States Senate of New Mexico State Assembly has declared February 8, 2023, as "Earth Citizens Day" for the first time in the world. The decision was made to promote the idea of global citizenship and raise public awareness of the urgent need to heal the planet and choose hope and coexistence.

The proposal was made by Senator Nancy Rodrigues, and the majority of the Democratic senators supported it. The lawmakers overwhelmingly voted in favor of the "Earth Citizens Day" Memorial Act, which was passed and declared on February 8th, 2023.

The declaration recognizes that everyone is a citizen of the Earth and being a true global citizen means promoting life at the heart of natural health and sustainability of the world. The Earth is facing unprecedented challenges, including global warming, pollution, public health epidemics, and toxicity. Shifting people's consciousness from selfishness and competition to one of harmonious symbiosis is essential to change the trajectory.

The Earth Citizen Movement, proposed by Ilchi Lee, the founder of the Earth Citizen Movement and President of Global Cyber University, aims to connect 100 million people with the spirit of Earth Citizen. The movement seeks to inspire people to co-create and lead a mindful, harmonious, holistic, and sustainable life, promoting health and happiness, restoring the natural healing power and realizing the beautiful and noble qualities of human beings.

The New Mexico State Senate stated that the proclamation demonstrates New Mexico's leadership and commitment to sustainability and peace. The Senate delivered a copy of the declaration to Ilchi Lee, the founder and President of the Earth Citizen Organization.

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