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"I am an
Earth Citizen!"

Join the Earth Citizen Movement

Pledge to Protect

Humanity and the Earth.

Earth Citizen Pledge

I pledge to practice sustainability by honoring the Earth as my first priority.

I pledge to keep a balanced body, mind and spirit through adopting a natural healthy lifestyle.

I pledge to actively create a positive impact in my community.

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Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a nonprofit organization that works to promote mindful living, natural health, and world sustainability. ECO’s mission is to cultivate 100 million Earth Citizens and empower these individuals with the tools and resources helpful for practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle while also developing their strengths to lead and serve their communities.


Earth Citizens


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Join the Earth Citizen Movement

Teenage Students Raising

Join the Earth Citizen Movement and pledge to protect humanity and the Earth.

Take the Earth Citizen Pledge

Walking Club

Work together to create and engage in action plans that will help your personal life, community, and environment become healthier and more sustainable.

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Donating Money

We are fueled by your donations and support.

Thank you to all donors who contribute to our mission of making a difference locally and globally.

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